The Mum Behind the Biz 👋🏼

The Mum Behind the Biz 👋🏼

A mum with a homewares obsession designing, sourcing & celebrating quality home must-haves from talented artisans in locations known for their craft. 


Wife, Twin Mum + 1 , Lover of Homewares, Styling, Renovating, Travel & Family life. A perfectionist, my own worst critic & a local peninsula girl with big dreams that started in our garage.

I have a supportive husband who has been allowing & encouraging my creative mind for around 18 years and despite being in the thick of having a young family, I decided to pursue the crazy idea of turning my love of projects, shopping, styling, sourcing & creativity into something that would truly fill my cup

… enter Wander & Wild.

Little did I know at the time that this idea would be hit with covid lock downs, a saturated market of online business, significant cost increases across the board, and some unexpected & ongoing health challenges with my gorgeous twins.

All of which inspired me to wander outside of the rollercoaster that is #mumlife & pursue something that truly doesn’t feel like work at all.

Having spent so much time at home in recent years, I think we've all realised our surroundings & our homes can have a huge impact on our mood & the people in it (& trust me when I say, at times our place is a circus).

But while most people think maintaining a sense of peace and order in your home is sacrificed when you have young children, I truly don’t believe that always has to be the case (more on this in my next post).


With the help of trusted connections and friendships we’ve made with some of the most skilled artisans in the world we have bought home to Aus what I feel you’re missing out on. Because well.. Traveling the world and indulging in home shopping sprees sounds like a dream, but right now it's not a reality for many of us. But if you are a goddess living the high life, good luck getting all those treasures back home.

Decor, furnishings & global treasures, pieces you can spoil yourself with, that will outlast fad trends & be used in your home for years to come. Whether it’s due to their quality, minimal maintenance, washable fabrics or neutral versatility W&W is a collection of tried, tested, sampled & survived pieces I personally believe are key to creating your calm.

Pieces that tame the mess, make home cosy & welcoming, allow organising to be a little prettier, make you feel spoilt, leave a lasting impression on your guests & can be used in multiple spaces in various ways.

This year I’ve stepped back from working IN the biz to rather work ON it. Developing new collections, Building partnerships with new suppliers, Importing larger shipments & Fitting out our first showroom space.
I’m so excited to be finally be reaching the stage where all will soon be revealed & I think you’re going to love what’s coming.

So stay tuned, please pop in & say hi... either in person or in dms. I love connecting with you all & I thank each & every one of you for being my fuel of motivation, growth & a heap of exciting things to come.


Much love, Liz xx