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Collection: Bamileke Jujus

Traditionally worn by royal dancers during ceremonies held by their Chief, The Bamileke tribe people believe the feather headdress symbolises prosperity. They are a symbol of positive nature, success and will bring good health to their family.

Juju hat, or the Bamileke Feather Headdress originates from West Cameroon, Africa. They are meticulously handmade using feathers that are stitched into an impressive woven raffia support which folds to form a basket shape. Therefore taking up little space for easy transportation while keeping the feathers neatly protected inside. 

Considered as an object of rare beauty, these authentic Juju hats have evolved as a contemporary piece of décor for homes and many other interior designs. They create a soft textural statement with their impressive visual effect and have gained popularity with many interior designers. Whether displayed on their own or as part of an arrangement they are guaranteed to make an impressive statement in your home.