Styling with Cushions - Where to start & What to consider..

Styling with Cushions - Where to start & What to consider..

This is a common question that lands in our DMs. Many struggle to find a good starting point or feel completely overwhelmed when selecting a collection of cushions that will not only compliment one another, but also the space in which they're used. Below we've narrowed down our Top 3 Tips on how to select & style the perfect arrangement.



Rooms with Texture have much more depth, rather than looking one-dimensional. Don't be afraid to mix fabrics like linen, jute, raffia & wool. Use 3 cushions of similar tone but with contrasting details or pattern will keep your space interesting without the need for bold pops of colour.



Another method we use to add dimension is to group cushions in a range of shapes and sizes. Position a lumber size in front of two square cushions to give different height levels. This creates balance to the space and when needed, can create a less formal aesthetic.

If you're styling a formal space keep the sizes uniformed and symmetrical by repeating the same selections on one end of the sofa to the next.



Draw inspiration from colours or patterns that will coordinate with the palette you are already using in your home. Or maybe you're inspired by a new piece of decor that you want to show off in your space.

If you're lacking inspiration consider the surrounding decor, rugs or artwork in the space. Create a mood board and think about what draws your attention to the fabrics, textures and images you've curated.


Create your ideal arrangement with our range of cushions and don't forget to share with us what you've created to enter our monthly gift card giveaway!

Happy Styling x


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