Can I mix interior styles & Where do I start?

The ‘How To’ on Blending Interior Styles…

One of the perks of blending styles is developing a unique, individual aesthetic that you won't find in other homes. You can decorate with pieces from more than one period or style as long as you find similarities in colours, wood tones, lines, and scale to pull it all together.
When you're mixing interior design styles, ensure balance by placing pairs of the same materials, texture or tone throughout the room so that one doesn't look out of place.
A raffia feature cushion on a sofa in your living space could be pulled together with a matching floor cushion by the coffee table, or a wall hanging in the same materials. Or work on the warm tone of the raffia and incorporate a timber framed print/canvas to bring in similar tones.
If you’re one for contrast you may do the same with a charcoal vase, pair with some books that have a dark spine or a bold font and style them on a shelf nearby. Add some black frames around your favourite photos or artwork, place a charcoal cushion between existing furnishings & with only a few pieces you’ve altered the look of your space and pulled it all together to ensure a flow of consistency & cohesiveness.
The same concept can be used in any space & with pieces you already own! You may find new inspiration by scrolling Pinterest, Creating a mood-board or even taking a fresh look around your space for your most loved piece of decor. It could be a piece of artwork, a cushion, rug or vase.
What is it you love about the looks or pieces found? … Is it their tone, or texture? The materials used, or perhaps the way it makes you feel?
Drawing inspiration from this and building on it is a great place to start!
If you have a look you’re wanting to create or a piece you’re inspired by & need some help getting started, feel free to get in touch, Or have a go at creating your own mood-board of treasures!
Good luck x