Bedroom refresh on a budget 💭

Bedroom refresh on a budget 💭

We all love a bedroom refresh, there’s nothing quite like changing up your space and making it feel new again. Problem is if you’re anything like me & change your mind way too often we can’t always fund a whole new set of linen, quilts & decor every time we get the itch to change things up.
I’m going to simplify it & give you some examples on how a boudoir refresh is possible with just a few pieces so you can skip the need to spend thousands.
The key here is to be selective on where you spend your money.
Start at your linen cupboard & find an existing quilt cover.. whether it’s a solid colour, neutral, bright or patterned is completely up to you! The following ideas will work with any of the above.
Gather any existing spare cushions you may have around the house, even if you think you’re done with them.. you’re about to see them in a whole new light. Even better, just grab the fills if you’re absolutely over the covers, this will be a great way to plan what you need.
On your bed lay out & arrange what you’ve found around the house & now check out the following images.
In the image above Chantelle (@buildingouraston) has used an existing quilt with a fine pin stripe along with her own white boucle cushion.
Knowing she had these two pieces to work with along with a few spare inserts, she wanted something to break up the base and add some subtle contrast.
She’s achieved this by pairing one of our Oatmeal Euro cushion covers & a Dakhla Moroccan throw at the top end of the bed. These pieces not only compliment her existing furnishings but in this case has added soft contrast without the need for bold colour.
Best part about these selections is the same combination work with any quilt (see a change up below) & won’t restrict her if she does decide to introduce new pieces in future.
The hero piece here is the raffia lumber cushion at the front of her cushion arrangement. See how it’s tied in with existing elements in the room?
The timber framed art, Oak side tables & even brass light fixtures?! She’s then added some dried florals in a simple white vase that’s complimented the aesthetic perfectly.
Although different textures, all items are similar tones and it’s these little details that have pulled the space together and accentuated the cohesiveness in the room.
Pictured below, the same products have been used but with a different quilt so you can mix & match using these techniques to suit or compliment any style.

Products Pictured:
Euro Cushion Cover: Earth Linen ‘Oatmeal’
Centre Lumbar Cushion: Ohana Raffia 40x60
A huge part of this is concept working with what you already have & while you think it may be old, boring or dated you can simply bring it back to life with a few new staple pieces & by observing the space as is to create a whole new look.
In the next example Kate (@coastal_41) has used an existing white quilt with only 3-4 new pieces (will pop details below) to achieve a similar outcome.
Can you imagine this space without the addition of the scatter cushions and throw?
See how just these few pieces have broken up the solid base while complimenting existing elements in the room?
The colours work together beautifully & she’s chosen styles that have a warm undertone, as do her bedsides & bed frame.
The white quilt base pairs with the bedside lamps as well as the cute white vase with a pinch of fresh greenery.

Products pictured:
Striped scatter cushion: Carrie Linen Cover
Solid euro cushion: Earth Linen ‘Oatmeal’
Lumbar fringed cushion: Riva Cushion 40x60
So, Work with what you have, take down notes of cushion/insert sizes that can be reused (this will help you save costs where possible by purchasing covers only).
Even go ahead & place the inserts in position to help you plan what you need & picture which size could be used as your feature cushion.
Observe the room and any finishes you could build on. Is there artwork, and is it framed in white, black or Oak? Work with that! You could start with just one or two new items.
Some examples to get you started;
-Timber finishes pair nicely with a few dried palm stems, bunny tails or a timber candle stand on a nearby bedside.
-Darker accents work well with black decor. Maybe a tikka box or a book with black spine and a Beni Ourain cushion as your feature piece.
-With white your options are endless but if you’re after something fresh check out our white vintage candle stands or mini vessels and white aspire range of linen.
All of these tips will work with bright, neutral or patterned tones so play around with what you have, experiment & have fun with it.
Find more inspo over at our Shop the Look page.
If you’re still stuck feel free to shoot us some pics or get in touch here or via email.


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