Vintage Indian Teak Spoon- Bleached/Natural

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A staple utensil used in Indian households, these large wooden ladles were once used to cook and serve freshly made dahl and biryani to friends and loved ones. Each formed by hand, making them entirely unique. They tell tales of families and the meals prepared and enjoyed amongst them.

Use these antique pieces in your home to hang from a decorative hook, Pair with a vintage Parat plate or place along the length of your dining table or sideboard. 

Made of teak wood and available in a natural or bleached finish. Each of these items is unique, one of a kind & will have slight variations from one to the next. 

Individual dimensions (length/cm) 
Bleached finish  
BL01- 51cm 
BL02- 49cm 
BL03- 54cm 
BL04- 63cm 
BL05- 65cm 
BL06- 62cm 
BL07- 68.5cm

Natural finish 
NL01- 53cm 
NL02- 52cm 
NL03- 58cm 
NL04- 59cm 
NL05- 70cm

Hang over your favourite wall hook or hanger. Place inside one of our vintage trays or bowls to complete the perfect table centrepiece.

For decorative use only. Avoid exposure to liquids & spills as this may cause markings in the timber.