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Decorative & versatile, our nestled set of round Jute baskets has been designed with aesthetics and organisation in mind. 
Style in your Laundry, Kitchen, Office or Bathroom for organisation of products, skincare, powders, cleansers stationary or canisters. They also make a great set for display on your hall table & are useful in a drop off zone / mudroom for every day essentials you don’t want to forget on your way out. Keep clutter organised and aesthetically pleasing by displaying on your entrance table or a shelf nearby. We love to use these for faux plants or fresh fruit for a pop of contrast that works perfectly alongside the textured neutral base. 


Small: 17cm top dia x 7cm tall | base dia 18cm

Medium: 20cm top dia x 9cm tall | base dia 22cm

Large: 23cm top dia x 11cm tall | base dia 26cm

Set contains all 3 sizes. Being a natural handmade product, slight variations may occur between each piece.

Jute is 100% biodegradable, highly sustainable and renewable. Jute plants are naturally cropped three times a year and require zero fertilizers or pesticides so they're especially Eco friendly & kind to the planet. 
The Jute fibres have been naturally lightened to rid any orange undertones. With various sizes and shapes available, our new collection of Jute baskets has been designed to work within any interior while complimenting our signature earthy, neutral style & other Jute homewares.



Style in your Laundry, Kitchen, Office or Bathroom for organisation of products, skincare, powders, cleansers stationary or canisters. A useful display on your hall table or in a drop off zone / mudroom for every day essentials.
Use to store small faux plants or fresh fruit for a perfect contrast against the textured neutral base.
See care guide for extra tips on first time use.

Simply empty your baskets & give a light shake to dislodge any dust. Avoid prolonged exposure to moisture to keep your baskets in top condition.

Baskets may be folded during transit which is also how they are shipped to us. In the event of any creases here’s how to assist them to regain their shape:

-Stuff baskets with towels or blankets and leave overnight

-Fold any creases in the opposite direction to how they appear. Repeat a few times. Don’t be afraid to manipulate by hand.