Natural Binga Basket - X Large

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Both stylish and functional these traditional baskets are a natural beauty & are completely versatile. We love to hang them in groups of varying sizes at staggered heights to create a custom wall feature. They also make a stunning fruit basket on your kitchen bench top, an eye-catching centrepiece, or a backdrop for tabletop styling while adding further depth, dimension & height. 
Curate your very own collection by browsing through our current stock to select the very piece you will receive, or leave it to our team of stylists. 

DimensionsX-LARGE / 67-72cm diameter 

Stylists Choice: Leave it to us! With slight variations in colour & tone, you may prefer to leave the decision making in the hands of one of our stylists. Recommended on orders of multiple baskets, our team will best select a combination of your ordered sizes in patterns and shades that best compliment each other. Choose multiple sizes in this option or select a specific design in one size and leave it to us to select which pieces compliment it best.

*Please consider that materials used to produce these baskets are natural Palm fibres. Tone of materials are determined by the drying and aging process of the illala palm leaf. Fresh fronds will occasionally display a lighter shade of palm and fade over time, especially when exposed to direct sunlight. Please consider this before positioning your basket.

Also available: SML: 28-34cm / MED: 39-44cm / LGE49-53cm / XXL: 79-84cm diameter 

Hanging tip: For a secure flat mount, place a small nail or pin between the weaves of the basket base & push directly into the wall. This will achieve a nice flush finish against the centre. Alternatively, simply feed some wire through the weaved base of the basket and hang from your wall hook.