Bamileke Juju -Natural White

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The Authentic Bamileke Juju, also known as a Traditional Feather Headdress has been hand made in Cameroon. Every item used in making this unique piece is carefully hand picked with dedication and time to create the perfect wall decoration by our talented artisans in Africa. 

These works of art are a true show stopper and are bound to be the focal point of any interior space. They will add an effortless, timeless & luxurious feel to your home for years to come.


Small: 40-45cm diameter 
Medium: 55-60cm diameter 
Large: 80-85cm diameter

Once hung each juju has a depth of roughly 10-15cm.

Colour: Natural/Off-white

As these are made with natural materials the colours will slightly vary. Feathers are a mix white shades with some soft neutral touches, they are not a solid stark white. If you have any specific requests please leave your note at checkout.