Tirai Raffia Wall Hanging

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Dual layers of natural raffia draped across 1.5m.  

Our Tirai wall hanging was crafted to create impact & make a statement. Its textured design is amplified by the shorter fringed layer in front. The various layers create thickness, depth & texture and allow for various styling options. 

This piece pays homage to its Indonesian name, which translates to 'curtain' or 'drape'. Ideal for living rooms, alfresco areas or over the head of your bed.

A simple way to bring the outdoors into your space and create a tropical aesthetic in your home. 

Dimensions: 150-160cm wide x 60-65cm tall

Natural raffia can vary slightly in colour & will lighten over time if placed in direct sunlight. Please consider this before hanging your piece.

Leave raffia sleek & straight, or style, scrunch and manipulate by hand into a rough textured finish with various lengths for maximum effect. 

Being a raffia hanging allows you the potential to coordinate with other products of the same material, creating cohesiveness throughout your space. Consider incorporating a raffia accent cushion or ottoman.
You could also choose to work with the tone of materials & style a Binga basket on a table nearby, or tie in a Jute basket or floor rug.

To ensure protection during transit this piece is either boxed or carefully rolled & wrapped for shipping. Once unpacked and mounted on your wall any waves in the materials will return to their natural state.

To fast track this process, or for an extra straight/sleek finish, run over Raffia sections of your hanging with an iron on a low-med heat setting.

Alternatively raffia can be scrunched by hand to achieve more of a rough, textured outcome if desired.