Natural Binga Baskets -Complete Set Of 5

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Complete your space with an entire set of Natural Binga Baskets. When too many decisions feels completely overwhelming leave the selection to the experts. Our team will carefully curate a selection of baskets that truly compliment one another.

…Then the styling is up to you & the options are endless!

Use all 5 to create a large wall feature, OR; seperate the set & incorporate smaller sizes into your decor to create consistency in your aesthetic. These baskets make a stunning fruit basket on your bench top, An eye-catching table centrepiece or even placed behind decor to add further depth, dimension & height.

Our Full Set includes 1 of each of the following sizes: 

Small: 28-34cm diameter

Med: 39-44cm diameter

Lge: 49-53cm diameter

XL: 65-73cm diameter 

XXL: 78-84cm diameter 

As with all products of this nature, measurements, subtle patterns and shades will slightly vary. If you have any specific requirements or preferences for your set, please leave them in the notes at checkout. 

Hanging tip: For a secure flat mount, place a small nail or pin between the weaves of the basket base & push directly into the wall. This will achieve a nice flush finish against the centre. Alternatively, feed some wire through the weaved base of the basket and hang from your wall hook.

Next to no maintenance needed, dust with a feather duster if/when required.