Binga Wall Baskets

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Our range of African Binga baskets (also known as Tonga baskets) come from the remote Binga district in Zimbabwe – home to the baTonga people.
Using weaving techniques passed through generations, the women of Tonga create the subtle intricately patterned baskets from dried ilala palm leaves. Traditionally these were used for winnowing grains but are now also planted by the women for the purpose of basket making. Each individual design is one of a kind, 
equally celebrated & acts as a brand stamp of the individual artisan and their craft.
It takes approximately two weeks to complete a basket about 35 cm in diameter.

Both stylish and functional these traditional baskets can be used in a variety of ways. We love to hang them in groups of varying sizes hung at staggered heights to create a custom wall feature. They also make a gorgeous piece for tabletop styling or placed behind decor to add further depth, dimension & height.


X-Small: 22-28cm diameter

Small: 30-35cm diameter

Med: 40-45cm diameter

Lge: 50-55cm diameter

XL: 65-70cm diameter

As with all products of this nature, measurements are approximate & subtle patterns will slightly vary. If you have any specific requirements or preferences please leave them in the notes at checkout. 

Hanging tip: Please note there is not a standard loop on the back of these baskets so it may require some creativity. Try threading a piece of wire through the basket and loop at the back.. Or simply place a small pin through the weave in the middle of the basket & push directly into the wall. This will achieve a nice flush finish against the centre.