Preserved Palm Coco Boat (x2) | Mini

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Enhance any display with natural beauty and texture using a pair of Preserved palm Coco Boats. An organic little accessory we often use to style with our chapati boards & plates, their compact size still allowing for versatile use. Store hair pins or bath salts on a bathroom display board or leave empty & arrange in a gentle stack for a minimal yet impactful display. 

Explore endless styling options for your bowls, boards and trays with our new collection of preserved fillers and accessories. Decorate with ease and create a unique look for every space. 

Each piece is unique & while similar, no two pieces will ever be identical. Size variations and "imperfections" are all part of the beauty in natural products. 

Dimensions: 15-20cm long x 5cm wide

Sold in a pair of 2 of slightly varying lengths


Place coco boats on trays and boards in the bathroom & fill with bath salts, Or on your vanity to keep hair pins in arms reach. These coco boats are just as effective left empty slightly stacked on boards and plates when you want to create detail & depth but not hide the base you’re styling on.
Mix & match with other dried varieties to create a collection of fillers for use in Parats or vintage bowls.

Handle with care as dried flowers can be very delicate. Avoid placing in direct sunlight, strong winds and humidity. No water required. With simple care these beauties will last years.