Preserved Lotus Pods (x2) | Whitewash

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Lotus Pods add a stunning & organic beauty to your decor. Group multiple and style together in a vintage bowl to add contrast, or mix and match with other preserved pieces for a curated & intriguing display. A single pod or two can also make a cute addition to our chapati plates. 

The surface of the lotus pod is covered with many small bumps or holes, enhancing the natural characteristics & appearance. Please keep in mind each piece is unique & while similar, no two pieces will ever be identical. Variations and "imperfections" are inevitable.

Dimensions: 6-8cm wide 

Sold as a pair of two pods 

Also available in Natural

Explore endless styling options for your bowls, boards and trays with our new collection of preserved fillers and accessories. Decorate with ease and create a unique look for every space.

Get creative & style with other varieties to fill one of our vintage bowls or trays. Use single pods when looking to style your new purchase, but not hide it completely.

Handle with care as dried flowers can be very delicate. Avoid placing in direct sunlight, strong winds and humidity. No water required. With simple care these beauties will last years.