Olive Tree | 50cm

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Add a sophisticated touch of everlasting greenery to your space with our 50cm faux Olive Tree. These trees are a popular choice for natural inspired decor, adding subtle rustic charm to any interior. With a height of 50cm and a petite plastic planter, it is perfectly suited to fit into most of our Mana pot sizes, creating an eye-catching display or centerpiece that requires no maintenance or replacement.


Dimensions: 50cm tall

Plastic planter base: 11.5cm dia x 10cm high

Having only a small base but a generous spray of foliage these Olives are the perfect choice for use in our Timber Mana pots. The overall size is ideal for styling on a side table, console or sideboard. Use a riser inside larger pots to create more height when needed.

Dislodge any dust with a dry cloth or feather duster as required.