Vintage Makenge Basket

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Vintage Makenge baskets handwoven in the Western Province of Zambia, home to the Lozi and Mbunda people are extremely rare and hard to come by. The baskets are gifted on the birth of a child or to a new bride by her mother or in-laws and passed down from generation to generation. Only the most skilled craftswomen in the village can weave these baskets, each featuring a one-of-a-kind patterns that convey messages of beauty, marriage, and family.

A true work of art these stunning pieces are perfect for creating a raw & rustic aesthetic. In addition to their earthy colour palette, their individual designs, markings and characteristics become prominent against bright white or neutral surroundings. 
Both stylish and functional these strong baskets can be used in a variety of ways. We love to hang them in groups of assorted designs to create a custom wall feature to suit your space. Also a stunning piece for tabletop styling or placed behind decor to add further depth, dimension & height. 

Made from the Makenge Bush Root.

Dimensions: 46-50cm diameter 
Hanging tip: To hang simply feed some wire through the weaved base of the basket and hang from your wall hook.  Alternatively for a more secure flat mount, place a small nail or pin between the weaves of the basket base & push directly into the wall. This will achieve a nice flush finish against the centre.