Ilala Palm Woven Wall Baskets / Trays

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These handwoven trays bring both elegance and luxurious beauty to a room. Shallow & intricately woven from Ilala palm in Zimbabwe, they can be used as functional servers in kitchens, table settings, bathrooms, or as wall decor.

The large measures a generous 1 meter in diameter making this a real feature piece for even the largest of spaces. Display on their own, in a group, or utilise alternate sizes in each space for a continuous elegant flow throughout your home. 

ABOUT: Ilala palm is indigenous to Zimbabwe and is grown in dry sandy areas. They are non-invasive, plentiful and readily available. The fibrous leaves, once dried, are naturally cream in colour. The leaves can be stripped and sliced to either create a fine or thick fibre dependant on the style of the basket being produced.

The Ndebele artisans who make these baskets are traditionally farmers who have been basket-weaving for many years - learning traditional skills handed down from their grandparents. They would use these baskets in their villages to collect and store grain, each one taking days to produce


Small: 40cm diameter
Medium: 60cm diameter
Large: 100cm diameter