Beni Ourain Flatweave Cushion - Classic

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Style 50x50cm

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Bring a sense of exotic luxury to any room with these Moroccan Beni Ourain flatweave Cushions. 

Beni Ourain products are considered the most prestigious in all of Morocco. Made using 100% natural sheep’s wool & hand spun, each piece taking multiple weavers many days to produce. 

Compatible with any decor for use in your living space or bedroom to create an authentic Moroccan feel. No two of these cushions will ever be the exact same, each one unique with slight variation and imperfect geometric design.

Our Beni Ourain Cushions are available in a variety of sizes, designs and colours. Choose to pair with high pile wool, lumbar sized or reverse colour options. Combine your favourites for a streamlined & truly luxurious aesthetic with an Authentic Moroccan touch. 

Different to our Traditional variety the ‘Classic’ design consists of a neat tucked border where fabrics are stitched together on the inside of each cover creating a clean edge. All seams are hidden and out of sight. 

Cover only. Inserts sold separately.